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Catch Me – Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Catch Me – Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

Let’s create a warm and emotional scene by using several adjustments. You’ll use Curves, Hue/Saturation, Gradient Map, Dodge & Burn and other techniques to achieve the final result.

Final Result

Stock used

Step 1

Let’s begin opening the model stock and extracting her from the background. There are several ways to do it. I usually do with the Quick Selection + Refine Edge. I repainted the model, but this is up to you. You can leave her as she is, it will not affect the manipulation.

Step 2

Add a Hue/Saturation and a Color Balance adjustments layers (Only for the Lady).

Hue/Saturation: Master > Saturation -31; Red > Saturation +21

Color Balance: Shadows: +9 -4 -7; Midtones: +20 0 -8; Highlights: +5 0 -5

This is the result I got.

Step 3

Open the ‘Tree’ stock and extract it. Put it on the left of the canvas.

Add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to fix the yellow. Yellow > Saturation +32; Lightness +12.

(This adjustment is only for the tree, so make it a clipping mask).

Step 4

Open the ‘Background’ stock and place it under everything.

Add a Hue /Saturation adjustment layer (Only for the Background).

Master: Saturation > -22; Red: Saturation > -38, Lightness > -9

Step 5

Open the ‘Rabbit’ stock and place above the previous Hue/Saturation Layer. Resize it and add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (Only for the Rabbit).

Red > Saturation +41; Lightness -14; Yellow: Saturation +41, Lightness +2.

Step 6

Add a Gradient Map adjustment layer like shown below and set it to Soft Light with Opacity 53%.

This is the result:

Step 7

Add a 50% Gray Layer set to Overlay and let’s start the Dodge & Burn.

I use Midtones Range most of the time. Where you see more light it’s set to Highlight.

Step 8

Create a new layer and set it to Soft Light. Pick the color #fde2c4 and paint some lights. Below I’ll show where I painted. (The white background is only on the purpose to show the lights, you son’t have to reproduce it!)

And this is the result:

It’s very soft. In alternative you can set the layer to Overlay and lessen a bit the opacity (just in case if you want a stronger light).

Step 9

If you like soft tones you can leave the manipulation as it is. I added another Curves adjustments layer, choosing the Medium one from the presets.

Final result

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