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Terms of use

Since I created PSD Box, back in 2010, I kept receiving emails from people asking for permission to use my tutorials, brushes and other resources that I made for this website. On this page you will find some of me most common questions regarding my tutorials and resources.

Can I translate your tutorials to another language on my blog?

No. The tutorials I write are mine so you’re not allowed to translate them and simply put them on your blog even if you credit me and my website. I put a lot of work hours on each tutorial from designing the artwork to writing the tutorial and making the images for the article.
You can follow my tutorials and you can make your own version based on them as long as you use your own words and your own images.

Can I feature your tutorials?

Yes you can do that. You can copy the introduction of a tutorial along with the image of the final result and put it on your website but you will have to include a link to my website so that people can follow the full version.

Can I put the videos of your tutorials on my website/blog?

Yes, you can place the videos on your website using the youtube/vimeo embed code. You’re not allowed to download the videos from youtube and redistribute them, use the embed code instead.

I made an artwork following your tutorial(s). Can I print, sell, or upload it to my website?

Yes, as long as it’s made by yourself you can do that. You’re not allowed to use the PSD files of this site to do that even if you modify them.

I downloaded a PSD file from your website and modified it. Can I sell it or redistribute it?

No. You are not allowed to modify any of my PSD files unless it’s for your personal use. If you modify any PSD file, you can exhibit your modified version but cannot redistribute any PSD files downloaded from PSD Box.

Can I upload your brushes on another website?

Definitely not. You can link to the page on my website where the brush is so that other people can download them from here. Also you are not allowed to modify any brush sets and redistribute them.

Can I use your brushes for commercial projects?

Generally speaking, no. On the download page of each brush set you should find information about commercial use. If I specifically mention that a particular brush set can be used for commercial projects, then you can, otherwise no. If you’re not sure or you want a license for commercial use, use the contact form on this website to get in touch with me.

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