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15 Light Leak Textures Pack – Super High Resolution

15 Light Leak Textures Pack – Super High Resolution

Lots of people like the light leak effect so I created a pack with 15 super high resolution light effects. The light leak effect can be used to add vintage effects to your photos or to create romantic light effects.


The pack contains 15 jpeg images against black background made by me in Photoshop, all files are 4500px wide by 3000px high.
You are not allowed to use these images on commercial projects but if you really want to please contact me. Also read the PDF license included in the download for more info.



used with the Screen blend mode in Photoshop

leak1-example leak3-example leak2-example

Please credit this page if you use them.

Light Leak Textures Pack
Light Leak Textures Pack
12.0 MiB

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