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Fire & Smoke PNG Stock Pack

Fire & Smoke PNG Stock Pack

Today I bring you a very cool stock pack. Fire stock images and smoke effects, but not any kind of fire. In this pack you will find transparent PNG stock images of fire and smoke. So you will not have to subtract just copy and paste on your photoshop design.

Fire stock images pack. Includes free stock images of fire and smoke effects

Search as you might you will not find transparent PNG stock images of fire across the internet. I searched for days and I couldn’t find anything. The images were made using a realistic fluids plugin for a 3D Studio Max called FumeFX. Rendering a simulation to create this sort of fire stock and explosion stock images takes a lot of hours but I finally have it. It took me about a couple of months to create this pack but I hope you will like it. The pack includes torch fire, explosions, a couple of falling meteorites, smoke blown by wind, and thick smoke plumes.

Most of the png stock images included in this pack are 2000×2000 pixels. The quality of the full resolution image is not 100%, that’s why I included the hi res versions, so you can scale them down if you want. I also included the jpg versions of the renders in case you need them. Hope you enjoy this stock pack.

How to use the fire stock images?

This is a totally free stock photos pack so you can use it on your projects. The pack includes png stock images of fire and smoke effects so you only have to copy and paste the effect on your photoshop artwork. There is also a JPG format of the fire stock images with black background. You can use these ones with the Screen blend mode so that the black background goes away.

Please credit me if you use this

Redistribution not allowed (contact me)

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  1. visionarycoverdesigner

    Just purchased a PSD Box premium subscription – do I need to donate/purchase an additional license to use these for commercial projects? (I design indie novel covers, with full credit to the authors/artists.) Please let me know. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks! I used for a album art for myself

  3. thank you very much sir :D

  4. Thank you soo Much for this kit…..your tut’s helped me in various ways

  5. Tawitchai Opaskajornyos

    Thank you so much ^^

  6. Thanks, i am downloading it, i hope it works! I hope you create more of these kits!!

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