Surreal Micro World – Free PSD

Surreal Micro World – Free PSD

A while ago I saw a beautiful artwork which captured my attention and I decided I would try something similar. I came up with something pretty nice but later I found out that it was actually the result of a tutorial.

Obviously I cannot write a tutorial about the same thing so instead I will give you the PSD file so you can see how I made it, even though it’s a bit different from the original version of the tutorial.

Check the tutorial here

50.9 MiB


  1. Citizen Mntu says:

    Wow, many thanks Andrei :)
    Magnificent tutorials & downloads!
    I’ve just created a new 3-D software box for my new WP product – ’twas easy with your software and instructions….

  2. Asif Akbar says:

    The top class designer in the world. I heard that best designer in the world is know about design 38% but he know that 50% of design. MY god

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