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Clean PSD Wallpaper template

Clean PSD Wallpaper template

Another wallpaper template for you. This is just a simple one made with a radial gradient, a few abstract shapes made with the brush tool and some text. The resolution is 2560×1600. 

You are free to redistribute and do whatever you want with the file except selling it. The font used is free for download. Enjoy.

Clean PSD wallpaper template (22.5 MiB, 9844 downloads)

About Andrei Oprinca

Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD
  • Martin K Yeboah

    good man

  • Infected

    Hello is beautiful wallpaper, what the font name? Plzz

    • Infected

      Can i have url download font plzz because its CaviarDreams but She are alike not.
      Sorry for bad english i’m french :)
      Good job for your wallpapper

    • Sylvanh

      Billy Argel Font ‘by’ Billy Argel.

  • http://www.DesignBoox.com DesignBoox.com

    Nice colors..
    Find more free PSDs at http://www.DesignBoox.com

  • haris

    what the font name?

    • Sylvanh

      Billy Argel Font ‘by’ Billy Argel.

      • HellG

        Thank you so much you rock!

        • Sylvanh

          no problem ;)

        • Sylvanh

          No problem!

  • fwho

    great wallpaper

  • DInesh


    check the above link and try to give tutorials for works like that… Thanks in advancee

  • DInesh

    unable to download files ….it is showing [download id="44" format="1"].. how to download

    • Lucia

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  • Salah

    Thanks Andrei, for your Wallpaper template. I like it

  • http://www.tarantule.pl terrarium


    ThX Friend :)