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10 Fresh Multi Purpose PSD Logos

10 Fresh Multi Purpose PSD Logos

Designing logos is not my best skill but after doing a few ones I kinda liked it and started to really enjoy it. I’m not at the level of professional logo designers but I think they are pretty good. The logos from this pack are 100% customizable since they only contain vector elements. You can resize them and change colors without losing any quality. Hope you like them.

This logo pack contains 10 logos designed by me. They are 100% customizable so you can use them on different backgrounds (some of them contain smart objects which can also be customized). All fonts that you will need are available for free on internet.

I might make more packs like these because making these logos is very funny and a the creativity needed helps me on my design skills.

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You can share and feature this pack on other websites as long as you link back for download. Redistribution is not allowed.

You are free to use these logos for personal purposes as well as modify them to your liking as long as you don’t redistribute them. Commercial use of them is not allowed without my permission. Read the Terms of Use inside the pack.

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10 Free PSD logos (2.4 MiB, 21171 downloads)

10 Free PSD logos
10 Free PSD logos
2.4 MiB

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