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★ Optical Lens Flares V2

★ Optical Lens Flares V2

The second pack of lens flares includes 21 new lens flares on much higher resolution (4000×3000) so you can use them on big canvas sizes. It also includes all the lens flares from the previous pack and a brush set with all the lens flares so you can use them with brushes too.

General info

General info

This pack includes the lens flares from the first pack which are only available for personal use. All the images and brushes in this pack are free for personal and commercial use.

Stock images: 35 jpg files
Brush version of all the lens flares
Resolution up to 4000×3000 pixels

How to use in Photoshop

How to use in Photoshop

All the stock images in this pack have black background which means you can use the Screen or Lighten blend mode in Photoshop to hide the background and keep the light effect.



Here you have a few examples of how you can use these lens flares. They are perfect for flyers, cinematic light effects, wallpapers, abstract artworks, signatures, posters, etc

Download lens flares pack (premium)

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Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD


  1. Hi Andrei. I purchased your pack some time ago but lost everything after I tried backing my computer up. Is there a way I can I can get those back or would I have to pay again. either way its fine.

  2. Andres, entonces si tengo suscripcion premium, puedo usar los flares V2 de forma commercial?

    • Sii siempre que no los revendas o redistribuyas todo el pack por si solo. Si pudieras darme credito se agradeceria

  3. Hi Andrei, i can’t find the download button, where about, please tell. Tks……….

  4. Hi! I am confused I have a prem membership but I cant see the download button for these flares and the brushes – can you help please?

  5. Andrei me gustaria saber si manejas los tutoriales en español y donde puedo comprarlos. saludos.

  6. Code Navigator

    am I missing something…like i have no clue to where to put this pack in order to install it.

    sorry if its a dumbest question ever? ;)

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