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#Closed – Depositphotos Contest – Win 200 Free Stock Images

#Closed – Depositphotos Contest – Win 200 Free Stock Images

As some of you might know, I already used Depositphotos stock images on some of my tutorials because it’s the only website that allowed me to buy credits only for the images I wanted and because the quality and price are really good.

You can buy images by purchasing only the amount of credits you need for the images you want or buy a recurring subscription which usually is cheaper if you need stock images regularly. New signups will also get free images.

For bloggers and site owners

If you own a blog or website and you want images for your personal use or to organize contests, Depositphotos offers special subscriptions with their special program for bloggers.

Contest briefing

The participants of this contest must create an original artwork in Photoshop or any other design program. The artwork must contain at least one of the 5 images provided by depositphotos in order for the artwork to be accepted. Depositphotos gives away two free subscriptions so there will be 3 winners chosen by me when the submission period ends.


  1. Create an artwork using at least one of the images provided (download link below)
  2. You can use any design software
  3. You can create any type/style of artwork
  4. You can submit maximum 2 images
  5. You can use other stock images as long as you use at least one of the provided.
  6. The deadline for the contest is: June 10, 2012
  7. The winners will be chosen according to my own judgement
  8. Winners will be announced on the website and via email on June 11, 2012.
Good news for all the participants. Due to the amount of requests, the contest will have 3 winners. Good luck to all.

How to submit your artwork

In order to participate to the contest you must send me your artworks before the deadline. Send your images to contests@psdbox.com 
Please use “Depositphotos contest” on the email subject and indicate your name in the email. Also, try to keep the filesize smaller than 1MB. Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you’re among the winners.
If you have any problems or questions please use the contact form on this website and I’ll contact you back.

Stock images used

About Andrei Oprinca

Yep that's me :) I like Photoshop and Spotify 2 years ago I said to myself I will fill this with some useful info about me but I never had the chance to do it XDDD


  1. Where are the results ? :D See ya

  2. This contest would be for beginners and advanced people what I see in the winners are people who already have a domain manipulation only look at the profile on deviantart.
    Unfortunately we are beginning to have no chance at all.

  3. hey andrei
    i just submitted my work but i got the message the contest is closed but today is 10th june more then 4 hours to go for the contest to end . the work i submitted took me many hours to completed because im kinda noob so please do consider my work andrie please !!!

  4. Hi; my question was about the videos tutourials because i love your videos i learn more things then the writing tutourials i know that you dont have time for recording but plez
    plez make us some .and thanx so mutch

  5. Can I change my sent-arkwork. I sent my artwork to you, but then I want to modify it :)

  6. hi again Andrei i want to ask you if you gonna make a tutourial before the deadline of the contest thanx ;D

    • I have a finished artwork so I’ll start writing the tutorial tonight but I will publish it this weekend because I have 2 exams on the following days and I have little time left for Photoshop.

      Do you mean using these stock images? My next tutorial has nothing to do with this contest

    • if you need some tips about manipulations you can check the manipulation secrets series: from the tutorials menu

  7. can you plez explain what you mean by -originality- thanks :D

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