Cosmic lights – 30 photoshop brushes and PNGs

Cosmic lights – 30 photoshop brushes and PNGs

A pack with 30 high quality beautiful light shapes. Rendered with a 3rd party software but created and tested in Photoshop CS3. The resolution of this brushes go from 800 to 1200 pixels.

The difference between the png pack and the brushes is that the png images come with their own original colors (see image above). So I decided to upload them too, maybe somebody likes the original colors better. Enjoy.

Cosmic lights PNG pack
Cosmic lights PNG pack
10.3 MiB


  1. irvan says:

    will use one of the image for a tutorial…If it is get published I will let you know. Your stock Rocks!!!

  2. baimadji says:

    how do you create this kind of brushes/stroke/png file of lights..? I hope you do another tuts for this. these are beautifull…

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