120 Animal Brushes for Photoshop

120 Animal Brushes for Photoshop

This is a pack of Photoshop brushes that contains 120 animals including: mamals, sea animals, birds and reptiles. The brushes pack was made with photoshop CS6 but it should be compatible with previous versions of Photoshop.

You can use these brushes for personal and commercial projects but you’re not allowed to redistribute them as standalone or sell.

120 animal brushes for Photoshop

Animals Photoshop brushes sample
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  1. Loi King says:

    I clicked to download, it only took me to a different page to download something else (pdf converter) or another of psd’s page…. I right clicked to save page as it only saved an html page with no animal brushes. I was signed in as a premium member… Can you advice on this issue? Thank you.

  2. Athit says:

    how to use it in the picture since it doesn’t have detail on it. Are these use just to make shadow of them ? Or just to make out line of them far far away in picture?

    • Andrei Oprinca says:

      They can be used to make illustrator type artworks or other things. They are useless for realistic manipulations

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