Architectural Post Processing in Photoshop

Architectural Post Processing in Photoshop

In this video I will show you how I would enhance a 3D building render in Photoshop. For this kind of editing you will need basic Photoshop skills and lots of images of objects, plants, people, etc to “populate” your 3D render. Adding as much detail as possible before your render the 3D building, will make your job a lot easier in Photoshop so take your time.


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  1. Oszie says:

    This is excellent. I know that there are many other architectural PS tutorials out there, but you just hit the nail right on the head. Thanks Andre Gr8 stuff!

  2. James says:

    Where could I find more samples of architectural rendering that are just as bare as the one you used so I can practice more?? I really enjoyed the tutorial by the way

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