June – DeviantART Membership Giveaway

June – DeviantART Membership Giveaway

Thank you all for joining my previous giveaway. Join the May giveaway and get the chance to win a 3 months premium membership on deviantART

The decision was taken after lots of people requested more giveaways and seeing how many people joined the last one I decided I would create one each month.

The participation rules are very simple. Usually you will be required to become a facebook fan, like or share one of my tutorials etc…
There will be one winner each month and it will be chosen randomly. The prize is a 3 Months Premium Membership ondeviantART (not redeemable for money)

The only restriction is that you cannot win the premium subscription 2 months in a row.

Exclusive premium tutorials from 30€ per year, non recurring


  1. Avinash Rai says:

    Hi Andrei,

    I have been a great follower and frequent-est visitor of your tutorial to learn and do some R&D on the photographs I click as a hobby (purely personal, not commercial even remotely).
    It is needless to say that I DO appreciate your energy, effort, and passion put in to create these videos for us. I also appreciate your heart which keeps you stuck with the thought of educating us.
    Dear, the problem is not that I do not want to pay. But the problem is that I do NOT have money. Jobless since 6 months. Else I would have given it to you even without a subscription – for your teachings and to salute your skills.
    Anyway, I just finished steps to try my luck to win an entry- chance. Completed as much as appeared before me, but I do not know how the system will allow my entry OR which ID to use for entry.

    Can you please please please please help!

      • Avinash Rai says:

        Hi, apology for delayed response. I would request for PSD Box. May I please get?
        If yes, please let me know which ID it will allow to login with.

        Thanks a ton!

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