★ Vanity – Manipulation Tutorial

★ Vanity – Manipulation Tutorial

In this particular tutorial you will learn how to create an elegant fantasy photomanipulation, and yet keeping a twist of realism.

Final Result


Stock used

Step 1

Start by opening your background image. As you can see, there’s a frame that is distracting the attention from what we want to achieve, so we are going to start by removing it.
Make a selection of the background, Right Click – Layer via Copy.

Step 2

Drag the copied part of the background over the frame. Make sure you erase the margins with a soft round brush for a better blending.

Step 3

Open your model image, and crop it. Drag it over your background. Because the model is sitting in a different position, we will first need to flip our background.  Right click on your background and chooseImage -> Layer from Background
Now go to Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal.
I have also cropped the top of my background to avoid losing details.

Step 4

Duplicate your model layer (in case something goes wrong), hide the original, and name your new layer“model copy”. Now, we need to analyze the light source. Even if it’s a closed space, the light must come from somewhere. Our light source comes from right, which means all the shadows will fall to the left side. Start by selecting the dress and leg of the model, Right click -> Feather and choose something between 100px – 200px. Now go to Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness & Contrast, and darken your image until you feel it looks good. (My values: Brightness -95  // Contrast 43 )
Don’t forget to make a selection of the dress and slightly desaturate it, to keep the white tone, after darkening the image.

Here ends the preview

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My name is Andreea Bianca Grigore. I was born in Romania, a beautiful country in the East Europe. My interest towards art begin in my early ages. At that time I used to draw and paint, later switching to photography. In the late 2005, I discovered Photoshop, the tool which combined photography and drawing and opened a new door for me.It was my motivation to learn how to use Photoshop and today I'm proud to say that I'm a self taught artist.I kept improving my skills trying almost every kind of art, from fantasy to conceptual and from surreal to dark and different media types like 3D, digital painting, etc. I decided to stick on the fantasy and dark side. I find it easier to express my feelings with fantasy elements. I do not like realistic photomanipulation, especially because I see art as a gate to another world, an imaginary one. That's the reason why my name has the "Imaginary" word in it. Because ordinary has limits. Imaginary doesn't. I enjoy working and putting together different elements to help me portray the image I have in my head and showcase it to the world. I joined deviantART in 2005, the largest art community. http://imaginaryrosse.deviantart.com It was the place in which I grew and develop as an artist, thanks to the feedback of everyone there. I got to meet and later work with different artists which I admire, and from which I also got to learn different things. I decided to step up and start using art to help less talented people to portray their own imaginary worlds, and have something of their own. Something they can escape to. Something imaginary, they can relate to, when ordinary gets too limited.


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