Beautiful lady with flowing light effects – Photoshop Tutorial

Beautiful lady with flowing light effects – Photoshop Tutorial

Welcome to another cool abstract Photoshop tutorial. This is a 1 hour video tutorial where I will try to show you a few techniques I use to create light effects and abstract shapes using the Warp Tool and other filters. Enjoy.

Final Result


Resources needed

Video tutorial

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  1. OC says:

    i’ve been having trouble blending my subject to the background, and this video tutorial saved me! thanks for sharing your knowledge on photoshop. YOU ARE AWESOME.

  2. Maredy says:

    Hi! I love this!!!! finally will be able to make some fantasy pieces! and the flames site is very good info!!! anyways…I’m not fluent in photoshop…but how long do you think it will take to make this piece?

  3. Norbert Grill says:

    Hey Andrei, It is good and it makes fun to follow your tut and see the improvements in CS6 at the same time. Thanks for that. How can I get/ buy the flames in this tut? Thanks for your reply. Br Norbert

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