★ Lost Love – Premium Manipulation Tutorial

★ Lost Love – Premium Manipulation Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll create an emotional scene, sadness is the main subject, all in mist environment with desaturated colors to match the feeling of loss.

Final result preview


About this tutorial

  • Tutorial type: Step by step tutorial
  • Video available: No
  • Stock images available: Yes
  • PSD file available: Yes

Stock used

Step 1

Open the “ground” image, double click in layer, rename it to “Ground“. Ctrl + T to activate the Transform Tool, slightly flatten the image. ENTER to disable Transform..

Step 2

Above “Ground” layer, create a new layer, take the paint bucket tool in the sidebar menu, fill this layer with 25% gray color (# cccccc), let the opacity to 5%. Above this layer, create an Adjustment Layer> Brightness/Contrast and change as shown in the image. Above this adjustment, create another Adjustment Layer>Channel Mixer, check the Monochrome box and set the Mixer: “Black & White with Red”.

Step 3

Open the “Foggy City”. Ctrl + T to activate the Transform, right click: flip horizontal. Enlarge the image to fill the space above the ground, see in the figure.

With the Eraser Tool with a soft brush, erase the bottom of the image so that it becomes “one” with the floor.

Step 4

Double click on the layer and rename “Foggy City + blur 2.0“.

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and add 2.0 px, click OK.

Open the clouds image, put it above the “Foggy City”, rename it to “Sky“. Right click: Create Clipping Mask.

Add a mask to the “Sky” layer by clicking the icon that is circled in the figure (there are other ways to do this too).

With a soft brush and black color at 80% opacity, erase the bottom until the city appears.

Above this layer, create an Adjustment Layer>  Brightness/Contrast, right click: Create Clipping Mask. Change as shown.

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Step 5

Insert the model and position it where the picture shows, right click to rename it “Girl“. Create a Mask, with a soft brush in black color, smooth the bottom of her body, so do not get too “hard” the contact with the ground.

Duplicate this layer, rename it to “Shadow” and position it below the “Girl” layer. Make sure that the background color is black, this is important.

Hold down the Ctrl key, click on the “Shadow” layer, you will notice that the outline of the girl is selected. Ctrl + Del (or CTRL+Backspace), and the image will be filled in black, this is the idea. You should now have the silhouette of the girl

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > 3.0 px, OK. Reduce the opacity to 50%.

Create a mask, with a soft brush an black color, erase all unnecessary part of this shadow (round her body), leaving it only at the bottom of the model and under her feet.

Step 6

Duplicate the “Girl” layer, right click: Create Clipping Mask.

Rename it to “Dodge / Burn“. We could use a new layer with 50% gray in mode Overlay to do this step, but in this job we apply the dodge/burn directly in layer and you’ll understand why, but don’t do in your original layer, please!

With the Burn Tool, we will darken some parts of the model. I distribute BURN icons in places where it should be darker, you will use the Range in Midtones 70%.

Done this step, let’s get the Dodge to lighten some parts, set 50% opacity, Range in Highlights. Dodge icons are distributed for places that you should use this tool. Done this step, reduce the opacity of the layer to the point that you see fit, I don’t like the skin too “glossy”, so I reduced mine to 50%.

here ends the preview



    I download the attached file but when i unzip show the message the file is corrupted. Only the original jpeg files downloaded ok. would you mind to check the file? thanks!

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