★ Long Way Away – Premium Tutorial

★ Long Way Away – Premium Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a conceptual artwork in Photoshop using manipulation techniques to match colors and contrast using blend modes and adjustment layers, light effects and perspective grids.

Final result



The tutorial is 1 hour long structured into 6 parts:

  1. Background set up (create the structure of the manipulation combining all the stock images using masking)
  2. Blending and light (explaining how I used layer styles, blend modes and adjustments to blend all stock images)
  3. Road sign (shows how I created the road sign and added the texture)
  4. Perspective (how to create a perspective grid so that you can realistically replicate the road sign along the rail tracks )
  5. Shadows (creating the shadows for the man and the road signs)
  6. Final effects (using adjustment layers and filters to create the final HDR looking high contrast effect)
This tutorial is intended for intermediate level users. You need to know how to work with layers, masks and how to create clipping masks and adjustment layers even though I explain everything in detail.
The tutorial was made in CS6 but it can be followed in CS5, CS4 and CS3.

Exclusive premium tutorials from 30€ per year, non recurring


  1. Andrei Oprinca says:

    You can resize as you usually do. Select the clipping mask texture layer and press Ctrl+T to load the free transform tool and resize it.

    Let me know if it worked.

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