Create Tilt-Shift Effect In Photoshop

Create Tilt-Shift Effect In Photoshop

Today we are going to create a tilt-shift effect using layers,a mask and lens blur. Lens blur gives the effect of a narrower depth of field, so some areas of your image stay in focus, and other areas are blurred. Tilt-Shift Photography is a popular technique that uses a specially-constructed lens to create a very shallow depth of field. Recently, it’s been used for what’s called “miniature faking ” is an optical illusion as a result of using a tilt-shift lens that tricks your brain into thinking you’re looking at a scale model of the scene, and not the scene itself. Best effect you can get on aerial shots.

Final Result

Stock used:

Step 1

First we are going to duplicate our background layer (Ctrl+J) and create a new layer mask to it.

Step 2

Make sure you have the Background set to white and the Foreground to black.With the layer mask selected click the Gradient Tool (G). Make sure you select the Reflected Gradient and the Foreground to Transparent preset. Drag a gradient on the picture. You’ll see the effect only on the layer mask for now.

Step 3

Click on the layer thumbnail then go to Filter>Blur>Lens Blur.Make sure that the Source is set to Layer Mask. Then set the Radius to your desired value.

Step 4

After the render is done you might want to bring back the focus to the parts of the buildings that shouldn’t be blurred because are in the same line. So here is how we do it. Select the Layer Mask  and with the Paint Brush(B) we paint the parts we want to mask off.

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  1. DonLuciano says:

    Got to the blur part,looks good in the preview window,but when i click ok,the lens blur barely changes to what i see in the preview window,what could be the problem?

  2. Interesanta ideea asta, si mai ales ca incercam sa fac o poza intr-un spatiu care doream sa fiu eu mai mult focalizat ! .. BV nota 10 ! sunt mandru ca sunt roman ca mai sunt si romani care dovedesc ca suntem buni !

  3. avinash says:

    i just installed cs6, i am trying to follow your tutorials for beginners, but it seems i cant find most of the options you are using to edit your pictures. can you maybe help me, how to set up my cs6 homescreen, so i can follow you alot better than now?

    p.s. i like your work, a big fan, you inspired me to get into photoshop, i almost watched all of your videos on youtube.

    • Adrian K says:

      I created it in cs5 but i think the pannels in cs6 are not verry different.Using the shortcuts i mention next to the tools it might be easier to find them.The “Gradient Tool” and “Paint Brush”you can find in the “Tools” window,the Layer Mask in the “Layers”window.

  4. sumeet says:

    hello sir
    i want to say that add tutorial in youtube/psd box about how to add “OFFICIAL FACEBOOK” text in photo and plz add tutorial about how to do simple editing in personal photo like some color,tilt shift(as you add) and some simple effects like lomo effect and some other cool effect and some blur

    i’am very thankful to you plzzzzzzzz reply

      • sumeet says:

        sir i actually want to say how to write “OFFICIAL FACEBOOK” text photo i also send a message in your facebook profile and some pictures please reply plzzzz help

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