Create the vignette effect with these 3 techniques

Create the vignette effect with these 3 techniques

A vignetting effect is is the reduction of brightness of an image on it’s corners caused y the lens. This effect, which is often undesired in photography, can give a new perspective to your images. It’s usually used creatively to draw attention to the center of the frame and create a hotspot effect. In this tutorial I will show you three methods you can use to create this effect in Photoshop (you can try the same in Adobe Elements).


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  1. Lu says:

    Hi Andrei,

    I am very glad i stumbled upon your website, you have many amazing tutorials! One thing i noticed was how much you like using keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop. Did you know you can also use left and right bracket keys to change brush size instead of opening up the brush window?

    All the best,

    • Hi Lu. Thank yo for your kind words. Yes I know that I can use keyboard shortcuts for the brush as well. In fact I used custom keys, I have the Q and W assigned to reize the brush but sometimes I open the brush window so that people can see the brush size that I use.

      Thanks 😉

  2. linshuang says:


    A PS lover I was from China, I very much like your PS tutorial, I opened your website almost daily. Possible causes are transmitted in the network, can not always look complete your excellent tutorials, I’m sorry. Your PS tutorial is too great. I’d love to follow your tutorial, can you give me an e-mail? Thank you, support you forever.

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