Legend Of Lorelei – Manipulation Tutorial

Legend Of Lorelei – Manipulation Tutorial

In this intermediate tutorial we create some simple effects but with some nice impact.Tutorial inspired by the Legend of Lorelei.All we need is some nice stock to combine images together,using a soft brush as an eraser,change some tones and opacity,use the dodge and burn technique and  adding some sharpness. 

Final Result

Stock used

Step 1

I often create a transparent layer at the beging because it’s easier for me to fit the pictures in.First we bring our mermaid stock on our transparent layer and the limit of the under water foam.We need only the foam from that stock so we’ll erase the other parts using a soft brush.

Step 2

Now we need some light rays under the water so let’s bring the rays stock.From this stock image we’ll use some other parts too but now we’ll let only the rays in the picture so with a soft brush erase the parts we don’t need.After this the image should look like this.

Step 3

In this step we bring the sky stock and add some light effects in the water with these settings.We also erase from here some parts of the sea with a soft brush.

Step 4

It’s time to bring again the stock that we used for the underwater rays,but now we’ll use from it only the islands and some parts of the water.We also need some dark clouds over the sea.Erase here also the parts we don’t need with a soft brush.

Step 5

We need now to add some rocks in the water.It’s simple but we have to find the perfect size for the underwater rocks using the Free Transform.First we cut those above the water as you can see in 5a image.After we cut the island(you can use the Quick Selection Tool for cuting,see 5b) to create the underwater rock and after erasing with the same soft brush the parts we don’t need and set the layer to Soft Light.Do the same with the other rock.

Step 6

In this step we’ll add the ship and the water splashes around it and the rocks.Because the splashes are.png files will be easier to select those you think it fits best.

Step 7

Now it’s time to change some tones.First we use a Photo Filter layer with a Warming Filter(81) and set the density to 59% (7a).Then we add a Color Balance layer with the settings from 7b.

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Step 8

After we Flatten Image it’s time for the final adjustments.First we’ll use the Dodge&Burn technique.If you are new into this see the Tutorials>Manipulation Secrets>Dodging&Burning section from the site for detailed explanation about this technique.After this we’ll add some sharpness like in my previous tutorials. Go to Image >Mode >Lab Color.Then go to Channel palette and click on the Lightness channel.Now go to to Filter >Sharpen >Unsharp Mask.Here are the settings i used for this  Amount 65%, Radius 3, Threshold 2.That’s all.Enjoy.

Final Result

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  1. ozan says:

    interesting but something doesnt look right. i think the waterbreaking on the camera side gives the impression that the water is shallow there. but we see that its much deeper.. also the water/air seam should be a single line… and also the angle of photos of the ship and the girl dont match! and i dont think there is anyway to fix this.. thats why i believe u shud take ur own photos to composite

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