We Bring The Peace – Manipulation Tutorial

We Bring The Peace – Manipulation Tutorial

I always wanted to create a SF tutorial but i never found the right stock for that.After some more research in the stock area i found the perfect images for it.In this tutorial you’ll learn how to set the luminosity for the layers to create the perfect light effect,use some brushes, change the color balance and the curves for some nice result.

Final result

Stock used

Step 1

First we create a New(Ctrl+N) transparent layer (mine was 2000x2000px) where we’ll drag our stocks.The first stock we’ll drag will be the road.Because we don’t need such a big background we’ll crop it with the Crop Tool(C) a little bit after dragging it on our transparent background.So here is how this should look like the process.

Step 2

Now we need to bring our dark clouds over our manipulation.After draging it over we’ll use a soft eraser to erase the parts of the clouds we don’t need on our work,especialy on the lower part.

Step 3

In this step we’ll add some spectacular nebulas and a starfield with different opacity.For the first nebula we’ll set the layer to Soft Light.For the second we set it to Overlay,then for the starfield to Lighten.

Step 4

Now we’ll add some starships and  planets and also another nebula for more color on our work.Drag the planets and using a soft brush,erase the parts we don’t need on our background.Than add the colorful nebula on the background and set it to Soft Light.Also erase the parts that you don’t want the nebula to cover.Drag the second starship.

Step 5

Here comes the industrial background and our halo warrior.Because of the high quality of the image and it’s on white background it wil be easier to cut it.After draging our warior with the layer of the road selected we need some shadows below his feet,so with the layer of the road selected using the Burn Tool with the Range set to Midtones and the Exposure set to 15% we add some soft shadows.Now with the layer with the warior we also add the lens flare from the nebula.

Step 6

We need some more colour in the picture so we create a Colour Balance layer.The results might be different depends on your preferences but here’s are mine.

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Step 7

Now let’s add some even more colour in the background with a new Curves layer.After some adjustements on the RGB Chanels (7A) we’ll erase some parts with the Eraser Tool to create some nice blueish effect on the planets and the right side of the warrior (7B)

Step 8

We also play in a new Selective Color layer .Here are some nice settings.

Step 9

I added a little warmth using the Photo Filter,but you can play with any filter you think it fits for your manipulation.After this we are almost ready but we need some more shapness.Flatten Image and using the same settings as i used on my Song For A Raven tutorial we’ll add more crispness on the manipulation.Go to Image >Mode >Lab Color.Go to Channel palette and click on the Lightness channel.Now go to to Filter >Sharpen >Unsharp Mask.Here are the settings i used for this  Amount 65%, Radius 3, Threshold 2.Have fun.

Final result


  1. Muzam says:

    hi…can u create video “We Bring The Peace Manipulation Tutorial” I beginner i cannot understand xD pls create video i like u tutorial We bring The Peace

    • Adrian K says:

      Seems that the stocker removed the stock from her gallery.She let this message on her page:”Due to unfortunate events lately and the misuse of my Space Stock I am putting all of it into Storage until i can come up with another way for it to be used and not abused. If you already have manipulations created with it, you do not have to worry about removing it”

  2. Lisa says:

    This was a great project thanks Adrian. I have a few questions hopefull i will hear back soon:)

    At the end of the tutorial why do you have to change the mode to lab color? what is lab color and what other ways is it used? what does this do and how does it help.

    also how does selcting the lightness channel make a differece.

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