#10 Saving Custom Presets – The Preset Manager

#10 Saving Custom Presets – The Preset Manager

Learn how to create your own Photoshop preset packs using the Preset manager. This tool is useful to make your own custom brush presets, custom styles, etc so you can use them for future projects or share them with other users.

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  1. Ruark says:

    Thanks much for all the tutorials. The best tutorials that i can find in the web. im wondering do you have new tutorials? since cs6 has arrive. im new to PS this is the first time i ever use PS and your tutorials are simply great and very helpful.

    • Andrei says:

      Thanx. I made tutorials since CS6 came out but im usin cs5 at the moment. As I already mentioned the difference btwin cs6 and cs5 are nit that big. you can follow a tutorial made in cs6 in cs5 as long as the 3 or 4 new features if cs6 are not used

  2. Nicholas87 says:

    Thanks so much, Your tutorial is helpful , i really appreciate that . I hope u can write tut more about adjust light and colour in interior and exterior photo

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