Dead Tree Stock – Transparent PNG

Dead Tree Stock – Transparent PNG

Good quality and free stock images of dead trees are not easy to find. I searched on places like, deviantart and others and none of the things I found was what I wanted. I saw this dead orange tree on the countryside and I took a few shots. This is a transparent PNG file 3000 pixels wide. Enjoy.

It took me about 30min to extract it from the background but I think it’s worth the effort. The branches of the tree are really awesome.

You’re free to use this stock images for personal artworks but please include a link to this website in the credits. You may not use it for commercial projects.

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Dead tree PNG (cutout) stock
Dead tree PNG (cutout) stock
4.6 MiB


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  2. Divair says:

    Thanks a lot Andrei. Awesome work and very, very usefull! I agree about the difficulty in finding such images. I have some, but I’ve already used them so many times :))

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