Free Golden Elements Pack

Free Golden Elements Pack

A few months ago I released a pack with chromed elements.  Now I release a golden elements pack. This pack contains corner elements that you can use on your designs. The pack is free and you can use the elements on commercial projects as long as you credit this website properly.

I made this free stock pack for my deviant art account. I noticed that my resources get a lot of downloads but no credits what so ever. Just a few people credited me. That’s very sad. I’m starting to wonder if all the time and effort I spend making these resources is is worth it. Enjoy anyways.

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Golden Elements stock pack
Golden Elements stock pack
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  1. Yash says:

    Wow! They are soo good.I see you used one of these in your latest Valentine template. They are looking cool. Can you please share your technique how do you create such nice designs and brushes. Btw Thank you soo much for the elements :)

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