★ Seductive – Digital Art Tutorial

★ Seductive – Digital Art Tutorial

I was inspired by a wallpaper that came with a theme that I downloaded for Windows and which had the same model. I had a hard time finding the same model as on that wallpaper and then it hit me. This kind of stock image can only be found on one place, on mjranum-stock‘s account (real name Marcus J. Ranum) on deviantART so I went to his account and sure thing it was there.

I used his stock images on a couple of other tutorials here on my website. You should visit his gallery, he’s got some of the best stock images on DA.

Initially I started with the image on the vertical plane as the photographer took it. I tiled it about 40-45 degrees and I was just stunned to see how much better it looked. Sometimes just by shifting the position of a stock image you get really amazing results.

Final result

Materials needed

Step 1

Create a new document in photoshop 1900×1436 and add a radial Gradient Fill layer using the adjustments icon located on the bottom of the layers palette next to the folder icon.

Step 2

Open the woman stock image and use the Pen Tool (P) to subtract her from the original background. You should do this on the original photo because the resolution is higher and you will be more accurate. Once you did that paste the woman on a new layer above the Gradient Fill layer created on step 1.

Decrease the size and rotete it like in the screenshot below. I wanted to recreate the shadow under the foot that touches the ground so I painted it on a new layer below the woman layer. Turn the woman to black and white. I used an Adjustment Layer because that way I can make adjustments along the way if I need to.

Step 3

Create a new layer and name it colors. Change the Blending Mode to Screen and get a 500-700 pixels soft brush and paint three lights like in the screenshot below. Colors used: Orange – f8b213, Pink – fa125e, Blue – 0ab4f3.

here ends the preview

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