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Hi there. Welcome to my site. My name is Andrei Oprinca I’m 25 and I’m a self taught romanian artist (I don’t consider myself an artist at all) based in Spain. Graphic design is one of my many passions and PSD Box is the place that allows me to share that passion with others and also the place that eats up every bit of my free time.

I started  working with graphics, Photoshop basically, in 2008 when I found out what brushes are lol.  This is my first creation with photoshop: http://ghostfight3r.deviantart.com/art/The-Speed-of-Love-90491923

In 2009 I had my first design website which didn’ t work out and in January 2010 I created PSD Box and I started writing my own tutorials. I realized that if you want to make something good, you have to do it yourself. As you can see I don’t have that much experience but I learned from other tutorials and practicing.

Writing tutorials, making brushes and all that kind of things requires an amazing amount of time, time which sometimes I don’t have.

Most of the resources that I provide are made by me and most of them are for personal use only. You can also use them for commercial projects but making a donation is highly appreciated. Please contact me if you will use my resources for commercial projects.

If you want to get updates of my site I suggest you subscribe to the newsletter. I send news about the changes on the site and exclusive previews of upcoming  tutorials.

My other great passion besides design is music. I like both listening and producing. I started producing music in 2006 and I do it just as a hobby. I like to make trance music. My band name is Digital System. This is my latest track, it’s called E-Motion.

My favorite genres of music are: Progressive House, Trance, Piano Solo, Pop Rock and New Age. I like pretty much all kind of music but those are juts the ones that I like the most. There are two online radio station that  I would recommend: www.trance.fm if you like trance music and www.sky.fm for new age, piano, jazz, oldies, and classic.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages of my site.


  1. Hi Andrei,

    Your a genius! Nice soundtrack Andrei. Love your work and you’ve got some serious photoshop skills and music production skills keep it coming!

  2. Presiosas foto’s, vivo muchos años en Holanda asin wue mi Español de me fué…lastima. Pero suerte que te entiendo en Ingles.
    Te deseo un maravilloso 2013


    Holanda, Apeldoorn

  3. Andrew! Learn from your lessons!! Something from them, tried it myself! ( http://500px.com/photo/20840831) Many thanks! =*

  4. Hey Andrei,

    my name is André, iam the Owner from the New Agency M.M.S from Germany, i make the management from many international Artist, and now we take a part on the agency for Graphic design. We search in this time designer. And i see your works, and says to me, i ask him.

    What you think about this, its interessting, please answer me on my email adress.

    big thanks and best regards

  5. Hi Andrei.
    I’m Alex (Alexandra in fact) and I live in France. Like Marcel, I’m in love with your pictures. You ARE an artist with a great talent.
    As far as I am concerned, I’ve painted since I was a child (with true brushes and colours !). Then, I started to learn infography when I lost my job.
    It’s really a great pleasure for me to see what you do and how you do that.
    Sure, I’ll come back on your website !!!
    Have a nice evening.

  6. hey Andrei, i just joined the premium group tonight, but am unable to download anything from the premium section. it keeps telling me to join or upgrade. the premium brush sets only have a pay pal pay button. what’s going on here? once i’m signed on i see my account information on the right hand side, but soon as i click anywhere else the page changes and it syas to sign in again randys

  7. My name is Marcel i live in Germany.
    I like your works very much, i want to know whether you makes also video
    tutorial for after effects i like your intro effect in your videotutorial on youtube i want to do the same can you show me how i can do that? please.

    thank you very much.

    • Yes, I like the animations aswell. Expessially the one with the arrows. Did you make them yourself?

      Your Photoshop tutorials are very good aswell offcourse.

  8. Salut Andrei, in primul rand vreau sa ti multumesc pentru toata munca pe care o depui, stiu ca nu este deloc usor sa faci ce faci mataluta :D hahhha
    Astazi am dat si eu peste canalul tau de youtube si am ramas MASCA la tutoriale UR’ THE MAN!!!!! hehhe
    ok ce sa mai keep up the good work

    eu dabia acuma descopar site ul tau si canelele de pe vimeo si youtube..abia astept sa ajung acasa sa intru in ele calumea. tin sa spun ca explicatia la tutoriale este mult mult peste asteptari si perfect explicate.

    numai bine andrei si multa multa fericire
    o zi minunata

  9. Great tune! Very Nice!

  10. How to apply for membership?

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